Complicated Conundrums

The Titillating Tales of an Incorrigible Half-Djinni

15 February
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No Spark.
Birthdate: February 15, 18?? Suspected 1810s, but no papers located.
Father: Gerald Burton of the Foreign Legions - born in Caledon. One parent possibly Jagerkin.
Mother: Djinni masquerading as human female of Indian descent - True Name unknown. Disappeared on the day of Eugenia Burton's birth when the child's blue skin gave away the mother's inhuman nature.
Current Residences: Steelhead Harborside and the Downs in Caledon

Disguising her true blue skin beneath a human guise, Eugenia Burton was raised by her father and grew up in various locales as his mercenary forces moved about. She was born in India, but also spent time in Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. An ill-fated stay in Eastern Asia brought the teenaged girl to the attention of an ancient, Chinese magician who discerned her magical nature and bound her to a bottle with a wicked curse. After serving many masters and mistresses, Genie's bottle wound up in the possession of a handsome, rakish lord of Caledon. Thanks to his kindness and the assistance of a powerful Djinn who lived in Caledon, Miss Burton was freed from the curse and now learns to serve her own wishes and whims while free. She has the age and form of a mature female, but all of those years spent in boredom in the bottle and the naturally impish inclinations of her djinni nature leave her with more eager exhuberance than self control.

Subject is not a Spark, but is nonetheless considered: